Different Types Of Kitchen Furniture

Different Types Of Kitchen Furniture

Once you’ve chosen what appliances you want in your kitchen, it’s time to choose what furniture design best suits your home. The most popular options when it comes to kitchen furniture are custom kitchen cabinets. There’s no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a custom vanity, so you should have no problem matching your custom furniture to the rest of your home in exactly the way you want. This can include simple, traditional maple wood cabinets, as well as many others. Custom kitchen cabinets can be made to fit any home design.

Kitchen cabinets
There are three main subcategories for cabinets – “custom” made cabinets, semi-custom cabinets and production cabinets, which are pre-made and sold as is. Depending on the aesthetic style and functionality you want in your home will determine which style is best suited to your current situation. The durability of the custom kitchen decor will also depend on the value of your home, and the amount of time you plan to stay in the place will affect the option you choose as well. This is mainly based on budget.

Kitchen islands
For homeowners who want to add more storage space or other operational duties to their kitchen space, adding an island can solve many problems, both based on its superior appeal as well as its ability to add value to the space. The material option that is most commonly used for kitchen islands is butcher block wood, which has been modified for pure color and durability. Some homeowners choose to add towel bars, pull-out counters and casters if they want to add a mobility factor.

Bar stools and chairs
For kitchens that have long countertops that extend a good way throughout the space, having bar stools and chairs are a good option. They can come with soft cushions made of leather, suede or even plastic. At Mebel Cabinets, our furniture manufacturer is experienced in creating both kitchen and custom bathroom vanities to fit the design you want perfectly.

MEBEL provides custom options for every room in your home. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your home stand out.

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Things To Consider When Choosing Custom Cabinets

Things To Consider When Choosing Custom Cabinets

Cabinets are a long-term investment that displays your personal style. Below we share aspects to consider when choosing the right custom cabinets.

  • Your Current Cabinets

Inspecting your cabinetry can help you determine your actual needs. Identify what you do and don’t like about them, including color, finish, size, and location.

  • Budget

The right cabinet makers, such as Holland’s, can provide premium-quality work at competitive prices. You’ll be surprised by the amount of money you can save.

  • Quality

Consider the use and wear your custom cabinets will undergo, especially when living with children or pets. Durability depends on the quality of the materials used.

  • The Style Of Your House

Cabinets should blend with the design of your home. Consider the style of your place when choosing your custom cabinets, for a natural transition between rooms.

  • Measure The Space

By measuring your space, cabinet makers can determine the size and type of cabinets you need, to maximize your space with a combination of styles and features.

  • Add-Ons

Request your cabinet maker the accessories you want, such as slide-out shelving, soft-closing drawers, and other features and storage options.

  • Storage Space

Consider your storage needs when designing your custom cabinets. A well-configured cabinet should be functional and organization-friendly.

  • Multi-functionality

Custom cabinets should provide specific organizational solutions, such as appliance warehousing, trash and recycling pullouts, pantry storage, and electric outlets.

  • Materials

Choose durable materials that fit your style and taste. There are different types, from natural to man-made, so browse for options for your goals and budget.

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Benefits of Having Custom Furniture

Benefits of Having Custom Furniture

Do you know where to look when searching for custom furniture items? Are you afraid of spending thousands of dollars to own the exact sofa set that many others have? Have you ever wondered if your friends, family, or neighbors have an identical bedroom set? Purchasing custom furniture gives you more freedom than a traditional furniture store does and helps avoid frustration.

Unique Furniture is for Everyone

Custom furniture has a slightly higher price worth due to its personalized nature which reflects your personal aesthetic and lifestyle. However, that does not mean that a furniture maker charges thousands more than a massively-produced showroom floor item.

Custom furniture is a great asset for a first time homeowner or an experienced remodeler looking for such desirable personalization that can increase a home’s value.

The following benefits are outlined so as to demonstrate that buying custom furniture can be a pleasant experience that is worth giving a try!

High Quality

Furniture maker like Mebel Custom Cabinets pays great attention to detail and is meticulous with every finish so that the end result can exceed customers’ expectations. A viable option against expensive designer mass-produced furniture is custom furniture that is made to fit any specification without the fear of corners being cut in regard to quality.

Good Investment

Custom furniture doesn’t necessarily have to be associated with a higher price tag. Although there are designer options available on the market,  custom furniture does not automatically equal designer furnishings. There is plenty of room for both options.

Unique Piece

Mebel Custom Cabinets assures you own a unique piece of furniture you won’t find in anyone else’s home. Your custom furniture piece can be manufactured in almost any color and design, unlike a standard showroom usually limited to around three color schemes.

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Bathroom Vanities: Custom Made vs Semi-Custom

Bathroom Vanities: Custom Made vs Semi-Custom

You’re refitting your bathroom and you are looking for the perfect, custom bathroom vanity. It is important to know that custom and semi-custom are not the same things. The majority of bathroom specialists will refer to their stocks as custom bathrooms when in actual fact they are semi-custom made. The distinction is that semi-custom vanities are made from a standard piece, which can be resized to a set of standard measurements, and then you can choose from a selection of additional options that you can customize. Like faucets, handles and countertops. While you will still get a cabinet that you have decided on its look, it is not custom-made. Custom cabinets are made from scratch, skilled cabinet makers will physically make the custom cabinet in any size and shape that you require, as long as it is physically possible. If you can imagine it, they can make it.

The Benefits of Custom Made Vanities

The advantage of buying custom-made vanities is that you can literally design every aspect of the vanity, you can design it to fit an awkward space, or a larger space, and the design will be completely unique, there won’t be another vanity like it! Your only limit is your budget and your imagination. Most homeowners go with semi custom made cabinets, there is still a large range of choices to customize them with. One thing to be aware of though, all the added extras have their own prices, and sometimes by the time you add the money of the vanity with all the optional extras, your semi-custom made vanities have cost the same amount as if you had a completely original, quality custom made one if not more!

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Differences Between Semi-Custom And Custom Cabinets

Differences Between Semi-Custom And Custom Cabinets

Kitchens are the heart of every house, it is where we spend a large amount of our time when we are home, family meals and people tend to congregate in the kitchen just to chat or grab a snack. So, if your kitchen is a little dated and you want to modernize and upgrade, it’s a good idea that will add value to your property.

Buying custom cabinets maybe a little costly but is a good investment. Custom made kitchens are always crafted from the very best quality wood. The kitchen is designed, there is no pre-existing blueprint, which means each one is completely unique. You can make your kitchen exactly as you want, size, shape, wood, Custom made kitchens last up to 50 years with proper care. You can choose any style you like or even mix styles, traditional, retro, modern. Because a custom made kitchen is made specifically for your kitchen space, the cabinet makers will make the custom cabinets to fit the dimensions exactly, so there’s no problem of awkward spaces or wasted space.

If you have a tight budget you can also consider semi-custom cabinetry. These are pre-made cabinets that can be customized by the type of wood used, finishes and dimensions.

These cabinets are cheaper and there are many different options for size and style. However, there are only a limited number of types of wood that can be used. The kitchen is not actually designed, there is already a pre-existing style that you customize. All the customization and optional extras are charged for, so in fact, the semi-custom kitchens are sometimes as expensive, if not more expensive, than a bespoke custom kitchen. 

Call us today at Mebel Cabinets to find out more information about our quality, stunning bespoke cabinets.

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Custom Cabinet Finishes

Custom Cabinet Finishes

Cabinet finishes are the very last step in cabinetry aesthetics, applying laminate or color to the custom cabinets. The application’s final appearance may vary, subject to your cabinets’ material, including your custom closets. Choices include:

1. Waterborne Finish

Manufacturers that are eco-friendly, provide a waterborne ultra-violet (UV) finish. In most of our RTA and stock cabinets, you will encounter this finish. This product is manufactured to provide high-performance cabinets.

The waterborne finish, popular among cabinet makers in Pompano Beach, is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde-hazard-free, satisfies strict performance standards and regulations, and is scratch-resistant. 

2. Stained Cabinets

To change the color, protect cabinets from damage, or enhance the grain, the stain is applied to wood. For instance, use colors like pecan, oak, or walnut and resemble natural wood. To create an alternative end aesthetic, cabinets and custom furniture can be stained below another finishing technique.

3. Glazed Cabinets

Frequently utilized by cabinets makers when applying faux-finishes, a glazed cabinet finish can modify the texture and color of custom cabinetry. To emphasize the wood details, a glazed finish may be applied on top of the stain or paint. Our homeowners can’t get enough of this finish type.

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