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      Our custom cabinetry Pompano Beach store offers much more than stylish, modern cabinets.
      You can even design your own cabinets at mebel custom closets Pompano Beach

      Mebel Cabinets is a cabinet company Pompano Beach that carries an incredible range of over 100 cabinet colors, materials, and styles. You can certainly find the perfect custom cabinets without waiting for special orders or shipping.

      So when you’re looking for bathroom cabinets or modern kitchen cabinets, step into our exciting showroom to find a selection that can give you the solutions you want for your home. You will enjoy the opportunity to design your ideal kitchen for free while also placing your order for a truly exceptional look.

      Guaranteed Pricing

      Mebel Cabinets works tirelessly in Pompano Beach, Florida, since 2015 to guarantee prices. Provide us your quote from a competitor to allow us the opportunity to meet or beat it. We offer an economical solution for imported kitchen and bathroom cabinets or custom cabinetry Pompano Beach at it’s finest. We also carry wall units and closet cabinetry for total home storage space solutions.


      Our Cabinet Makers Pompano Beach service list

      Custom Closets

      For the most innovative custom closets Pompano Beach, call Mebel Cabinets. Our skilled craftsmen can create the perfect space-saving and convenient closet for you.

      Custom Cabinets

      Mebel Cabinets offers an amazing selection of solid and beautiful cabinets. We are also renowned for exceptional custom cabinetry Pompano Beach, designed to your exact specifications.

      Closet Cabinetry

      Outstanding custom cabinetry Pompano Beach is the reason for the excellent reputation our cabinet makers have built. Visit our showroom to see all our imported products and incredible custom work.

      Custom Bathroom Vanity

      Mebel Cabinetry can completely change your bathroom space with something truly unique. Let us create a stunning custom bathroom vanity just for you.

      Custom Kitchen Cabinets

      Mebel is widely known for its quality and workmanship in custom kitchen cabinets Pompano Beach. Speak to our creative carpenters today to give your entire kitchen a stunning new look.

      Custom Vanity

      The beautiful pieces in your home can change the way you feel and affect each day positively. Go with a Mebel custom vanity, with hundreds of finishes to choose from, and revitalize how you feel about your home.

      It's time to get new custom cabinets for your kitchen!

      The kitchen can be one of the most exciting parts of your home. It’s such a joy to create culinary masterpieces, whether for everyday meals or to impress guests who visit. But what can put a damper on this jovial mood is having storage problems because your kitchen cabinets are starting to succumb to the wear and tear of years of exposure to water, moisture from steam and other elements.

      As one of the top cabinet makers Pompano Beach, Mebel Cabinets can create custom cabinets Pompano Beach for your kitchen, banking on years of experience in the industry to make sure that your cooking space is updated with its look and feel. We have professional contractors that are skilled in custom cabinetry so your kitchen can enjoy new custom closets Pompano Beach for your cookware, kitchen gadgets, utensils and dinnerware. Never worry about storage again and whip up meals like you just stepped into a new kitchen.

      Give us a call to inquire about our services and we’ll be happy to quote your custom cabinets Pompano Beach.

      Why You Should Choose Mebel Custom Cabinets Pompano Beach?

      Exceptional Look

      As a quality furniture company, we specialize in stylish and custom bathroom cabinets, modern kitchen cabinets, and wall units designed to impress. We import from Europe and create unique pieces just for you.

      Competitive Prices

      At Mebel Cabinets, it’s all about the incredible non-boxed furniture, custom closet cabinetry Pompano Beach, and making sure you get the look you want. That’s why our furniture store offers our amazing selection at outstanding prices.

      Great Customer Service

      We’re here to listen to what you need with over 100 different colors and finishes. It’s a great way to find what you need in a no-pressure environment full of customized solutions.

      Top Notch Custom Kitchen Cabinets Pompano Beach

      Thinking about kitchen makeover? Looking for the best way to organize products in your pantry? Interested in Ready to Assemble (RTA) cabinets? You are in the right place!

      At Mebel Cabinets incredible attention to detail and advanced technology result in fantastic, modern kitchens, pantry cabinets, and various additional products. Here you will find the furniture you can personalize through colors, patterns, and sizes. Apart from the most contemporary glossy white or gray, we also prepared more traditional wood fronts, in light and dark tones. Our collections have various sizes and styles of RTA furniture for you to organize your private space in any way you see fit.

      You can see our projects live in our showroom in Pompano Beach. Make a smart choice and get in touch with our team regarding any question you might have about our products!

      cabinet makers Pompano Beach kitchen storage cabinets Pompano Beach

      Wall Cabinets

      Great products for customers who look for universal furniture for their homes. Our wall cabinets are very practical, solid and elegant with design conforming to the best contemporary styles. With a range of different finishes, you can adjust the cabinets to your interior without a problem.

      custom closets Pompano Beach kitchen storage cabinets Pompano Beach

      Base Cabinets

      Create your practical and stylish interior with clean modern style. Our furniture ideas combine the best utility features with universal elegance. As a result, they seamlessly blend in with virtually any interior design – including the traditional and classic. Pick the most interesting base cabinet!

      furniture store Pompano Beach kitchen storage cabinets Pompano Beach

      Pantry Cabinets

      Bring order to your space – and keep it stylish. Our ideas prove that you can effectively integrate practicality and visual refinement. Choose our pantry cabinets and solve your problems with more space for your beverages, food or other items. Reorganize the space the way you like it – the choice is yours!

      furniture store Pompano Beach kitchen storage cabinets Pompano Beach

      Vanity Modular Cabinet

      The combination of high quality and low prices is now a reality – we have achieved the impossible. Choose your textures, colors, sizes and easily arrange them in your home. Turn your interior into unique, elegant space that you can feel comfortable in. Check out our full array of furniture possibilities.

      The Things You Should Know About Our Showroom

      The Things You Should Know About Our Showroom

      The Mebel Cabinet showroom is the place to be for a wide range of options from bathroom cabinets to modern kitchen cabinets to custom closets Pompano Beach and more. We can definitely find what you like for style, color, and functionality. And because we are so confident in the quality and style offered at our furniture store, we know that we can help you find the perfect pieces to fit your home at the right price. Our furniture company showroom has amazing ideas ready for you and custom solutions that fit your style.


      Our process from the initial meeting, to design and through to production, is aimed at meeting your requirements. We incorporate your involvement throughout the process depending upon the level of involvement you require.

      STEP ONE

      A complimentary meeting at your home, or business, is our initial step. Discussion of your design ideas for custom cabinets Pompano Beach, will inform us of your requirements and exact design needs.

      STEP TWO

      A second meeting will occur in our showroom, where you will make decisions regarding door styles for your custom cabinets and you will see the preliminary designs, using 3D software we will show you how your product will look. We will discuss with you your budget and provide a fully itemized cost proposal, with no hidden extras! Finally, we will take you to our workshop where our expert, cabinet makers Pompano Beach, work their magic!


      You have now seen the preliminary design and decided upon a budget. If you are ready to proceed with Mebel Cabinets you will sign a contract with a small deposit and the production of your custom cabinetry Pompano Beach order will commence. If you need more design time before proceeding, we may ask for a small retainer fee, which will go to the outstanding balance of your order, when you decide to continue.

      Why Custom Made Kitchen Cabinets Pompano Beach, IL Are Worth It

      Getting new cabinets anytime soon? Try custom cabinets in Pompano Beach! It’s tempting to DIY your cabinets or buy stock cabinets on sale, but these are not long-term solutions.

      #1 High-Quality
      Custom kitchen cabinets are made to last. They feature the finest quality materials and are installed professionally by an experienced furniture maker. On the other hand, stock cabinets are constructed from low-quality materials held together with glue and screws.

      #2 Choices
      If you want a custom kitchen Pompano Beach, customized cabinets are your best choice. Combine different materials, style, accessories, finish, etc. to make the cabinet you dream of. 

      #3 Best Fit
      Every space in your home is essential. With custom made kitchen cabinets, you will never waste an inch of your space again as they are designed to fit the dimensions of your kitchen.

      #4 Added Value
      There is a difference between a new cabinet and a custom cabinet. The latter adds value and charm to your home.

      Benefits of Custom Furniture Pompano Beach

      unique custom furniture icon


      Having custom furniture means long-lasting quality. The furniture maker will pay attention to every detail, ensuring that your finished custom furniture is manufactured to your specification and meets your expectations. 

      quality custom furniture icon


      Since you are involved in the design process and materials to be used in your custom furniture, you can have furniture that is unique and built according to your style. You can elevate your design and have a sense of pride in ownership.

      personalized custom furniture icon


      You can design the furniture, choose the color, material, size, and shape. Your custom furniture will suit your personal needs and space.

      good value custom furniture icon

      Good Value

      Custom furniture is a wise investment. Make sure to find a reliable furniture maker such as Mebel Custom Cabinets Pompano Beach to ensure that your piece is high-quality and will hold value over time. 

      What to Consider When Choosing Custom Kitchen Cabinet Doors

      1. Style and Layout of Your Kitchen
      You have your own personal unique style and likes and dislikes, your kitchen storage cabinets need to match the rest of your kitchen, so look for one that catches your eye.

      2. Construction and Material
      You need to take the construction of the cabinets into consideration, obviously, look for quality materials. The construction of kitchen storage cabinets comes in 2 types of structure, full access and framed.

      3. Color and Finish
      The type of wood you choose can be stained or painted, depending on what look you want for your kitchen. Stained wood shows the natural grain and is “wood looking”, the other option is to paint the cabinets which will then match other colors in your kitchen.

      4. Price
      Custom kitchen cabinet doors come in a range of prices, detailed, designed, custom doors are usually higher priced, due to the quality workmanship. Before you start looking, research the average costs of custom doors for modern kitchen cabinets Pompano Beach then check your budget to see what you can afford.

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