Our Technology

Our Technology - Mebel Closets Cabinets Pompano Beach.

At Mebel Cabinets we bring together advanced laser technology to the cabinet world. Innovative edge bander Magnex laser technology
creates a seamless, adhesive-free, and durable finish.
The subsequent seam-free panel becomes visually appealing without a joint to discolor or stain. In addition, Magnex laser edging technique
results not only in the superior quality appearance but also in optimal moisture protection. The edge is impervious to moisture and water vapor – just like a post forming edge, which provides another supreme advantage. Magnex laser technology unlocks incredible new edge design for cabinetry, furniture and much more.

Magnex Laser Edge-Band TechnologyThe standard method of edge banding
Durable and invisible joints through Magnex laser technology.Weak and visible joints
Increased heat, moisture and water vapor
resistance of the panels
Low resistance to moisture and temperature
Flawless appearance as if made from one piece –
no staining, dirt or yellowing
Uneven, yellowing, stained and dirty joints