What Color Cabinets With Black Granite Countertops? Read To Learn The Most Popular Options!

What Color Cabinets With Black Granite Countertops? Read To Learn The Most Popular Options!

It’s official when it comes to kitchens in 2022, black is the new white! Everywhere you look you’ll see decadently, dark modern kitchens with black granite countertops and glossy black custom furniture, or matt black custom kitchen cabinets that manage to be spectacular but homely at the same time! One of the fantastic things about having black as the color is that it is so versatile and goes with literally everything. In fact, there are so many design choices when it comes to black kitchens we could make one for each day and still have more choices a year later! So you’ve chosen your new black granite countertop and now you are unsure what color custom cabinets to pair it with. Have you thought about black?

In this article you will learn:
– How the black custom cabinets will change your kitchen into a modern space.
– What type of lighting you should choose to complement black kitchen cabinets.
– What kind of stools will fit best with modern black kitchen cabinets.

Will Black Kitchen Cabinets Provide a Modern Look to Your Kitchen?

White kitchen cabinets have been the top choice of interior designers everywhere for decades. White cabinets are highly coveted for their simplicity and the bright, clean aesthetic that they bring to kitchens everywhere. But, on the downside, they need constant cleaning, as every little mark or stain is apparent. Over the past few years, black granite countertops were first introduced, and not long after black kitchen cabinets snuck in and became the popular new kid on the block. Today they are top of the popularity charts and are real competition to their white counterparts. Black kitchen cabinets are modern, and sophisticated and give a completely opposite aesthetic compared to their white brethren.

In interior design, black is described as a mysterious, sophisticated color. It is grown-up, bold, and superior. When black is thought of, images of expensive, powerful cars, quality elegant suits, and high couture dresses come to mind. Black brings an impression of wealth, high quality, and luxury. It will introduce a very modern aesthetic to your kitchen. In comparison, white is much more sterile and more wholesome compared to black elegant custom cabinets.

Black Kitchen Cabinets – Modern or Traditional?

If you like the idea of modern but also traditional, one of the wonderful things about black is that it is versatile. It can give the impression of these two opposite styles in the same kitchen! Painted matt black cabinets paired with more traditional hardware and a rustic wooden vibe in the furniture will be a modern kitchen that has a classic rustic feel.

The wonderful thing about black kitchens is that you can choose how modern or contemporary you want to go and use the rest of the kitchen, the flooring, tables, walls, hardware, and fixtures to influence the style that you want.

All black custom cabinets need handles or other hardware to open the doors or drawers. These hardware choices are very important when it comes to the style and aesthetic of your cabinet. Any metallic fixtures, such as handles or hinges can be seen easily by their stark contrast to the black background. The addition of modern stainless steel fixtures, or more traditional brass hardware, really impacts the look of the whole kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Island Lighting Is Also Important!

The addition of an island to a kitchen allows you to do so much more in a kitchen. The island becomes a place for socializing and working. The focal point in the kitchen. The lighting in a kitchen can really affect how the kitchen looks. Getting the lighting right is the difference between a mediocre kitchen and a stunning modern piece of art! Of course, having good lighting for being able to cook or work in the kitchen is also important!

Lighting for a kitchen island can be as simple or complex as you want it! The options are infinite. Pendant lights, track lights, chandeliers, spotlights.

If the current trend of pendant lighting is something you like, a small kitchen island can have 2 pendant lights, whereas a larger island can manage 3 or 4. An important tip is to make sure the lights are not too big for your island, as this tends to make the kitchen look messy and overdone.

Accent lighting is also something that you can play with. Accent lighting is anything that will add to the ambiance of the kitchen, but is not a primary source of light. The most common source of accent lighting is under and above cabinet lighting. You can also use track lights or recessed lights to give your kitchen a more modern look.

What Stools For Kitchen Island To Get That Modern Kitchen Look?

If you have a kitchen island you will find that it is the social hub at which activities of the day revolve around the majority of families and households. It needs 
seating that is hard-wearing as well as looking good. Kitchen island seating actually typically undergoes more wear and tear than any other seating area in the house. If you like the idea of bringing an industrial vibe to your kitchen or a more modern look, metal is the perfect material to do the job! Metal will complement any countertop or custom cabinets and bring a modern, sleek elegant aesthetic to the kitchen as well as be a durable, long-lasting, functional addition. To bring an even larger impact, pairing metal with wood or fabric will really make a big design splash!

Flooring is Also Important!

When choosing stools for your kitchen island, in addition to the black kitchen cabinets you also have to bear in mind the color of your flooring. The rule is to have the floors under the stool contrast with it, so a wood stool should have a contrasting material on the floor or another shade of wood. If you make the mistake of pairing your stools with the same color material as the floor, the two would blend together and you would have no impact or contrast. So you need to consider the kitchen as a whole if you are looking for new seating. Metal is extremely versatile, in that it will tie in very nicely with the black cabinets and any flooring you already have.

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