Custom Cabinet Finishes

Custom Cabinet Finishes

Cabinet finishes are the very last step in cabinetry aesthetics, applying laminate or color to the custom cabinets. The application’s final appearance may vary, subject to your cabinets’ material, including your custom closets. Choices include:

1. Waterborne Finish

Manufacturers that are eco-friendly, provide a waterborne ultra-violet (UV) finish. In most of our RTA and stock cabinets, you will encounter this finish. This product is manufactured to provide high-performance cabinets.

The waterborne finish, popular among cabinet makers in Pompano Beach, is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde-hazard-free, satisfies strict performance standards and regulations, and is scratch-resistant. 

2. Stained Cabinets

To change the color, protect cabinets from damage, or enhance the grain, the stain is applied to wood. For instance, use colors like pecan, oak, or walnut and resemble natural wood. To create an alternative end aesthetic, cabinets and custom furniture can be stained below another finishing technique.

3. Glazed Cabinets

Frequently utilized by cabinets makers when applying faux-finishes, a glazed cabinet finish can modify the texture and color of custom cabinetry. To emphasize the wood details, a glazed finish may be applied on top of the stain or paint. Our homeowners can’t get enough of this finish type.