Should The Color of Kitchen Cabinets Be Lighter Or Darker Than Your Wall Paint? 

Should The Color of Kitchen Cabinets Be Lighter Or Darker Than Your Wall Paint? 

Selecting painting colors for your home is the highlight for homeowners. Whether colors for your custom kitchen vanity or custom furniture this choice is important. Cabinet makers say choosing the right colors of cabinets when choosing a modern design does more than just add an aesthetic touch but it also brightens up the space and makes it stand out. One common question is should I go with light or dark colors? Professionals at Mebel Cabinets say you should select colors that give your kitchen a level of warmth, compliment the look and feel, and add to the overall vision. When making the decision for light vs. dark custom cabinetry experts give a few points to think about:

Lighter colors provide an open luxurious feel, choosing darker colors provide a cinematic.

For smaller kitchens agents making custom cabinets say it’s better to use lighter colors. This becomes more evident when you factor in natural lighting. Custom cabinets makers choose white and off-white cabinets to give your kitchen a fuller look and make it seem bigger.

On the other side, a bigger space that lets in enough sunlight is best for darker color cabinets.

When you have a kitchen wall displaying a red texture or brick exposure, white and lighter colors add magnificent contrast.

Using custom kitchen cabinets in lighter kitchens gives you a sophisticated look but if you prefer lacquer looks we recommend mixing both light and dark hues with wooden cabinets because this still feels warm while preserving the elegance and sophistication you want.

One disadvantage of lighter shades is that it’s hard to clean stains plus wear and tear affect these cabinets more easily. For this case when you go with a lighter look make sure to clean your cabinet regularly.

Darker colors are usually seen in luxurious homes so if you have ample space then choosing dark colors may be a good option.

Overall lighter cabinetry lets you mix different colors and accents together while maintaining simplicity.